How to Access, Retrieve Office 365 User Details in CSV

Follow the Steps to Extract Tenant's Details of Office 365 in CSV Format

Office 365 is a cloud based service that help users in accessing the data from anywhere and anytime, regardless of devices or any platform they are making use of. Office 365 aka Exchange Online offers subscription plans according to different business needs, thus small and large organizations moved to Cloud and doing business activities using this platform. They use the service to send/receive emails and also they stores the complete database of their employees on cloud. But with short time, they want to save the backup of cloud data as local copy too in order to avoid any kind of disaster and situations.

So, to save the backup of multiple tenants from O365 account, it is important to save and export all the login details of user accounts in CSV file on local system. To know the process of how to extract Office 365 user details in CSV, follow the steps:

Steps to Access Office 365 User Login Details in CSV -

Step 1 - Login to Office 365 Admin Account

At first, login to O365 Exchange Online admin account by entering the desired details in username and password. To perform the same, go to and login with required credentials -

launch software

Step 2 - Go to Admin to continue further

Step 3 - Click Active Users to get details of Active users

Step 4 - Select Active Users from the list appearing

Step 5 - Click Export and Save CSV File

Step 6 - Open Extracted CSV File

Step 6 - Open Exported CSV File - for Office 365 Restore Process