Terms & Conditions

It is recommended to first read the Terms and Conditions carefully before visiting and using this site. This page consists of complete information about the terms to use this website. If you don’t agree follow the terms and conditions, then it is best advised not to visit this site for further perusal. If anyone is found to be violating the terms and conditions of this site, will be considered as a criminal offender and hence liable for legal action.

Terms of Use

The products offered at Migate2Office365 website can be modified or updated (according to technology updated) without providing any prior notification to users. Only Migrate2Office365 has all the copyrights to update, modify, add or delete content/information on this site. So, it is advised not to reproduce, redistribute, recreate any of the content, logos, software etc. (in whole or in part) to any third parties. Stern action will be taken against anyone, who is found to be involved in such a criminal activity.

Future Communication

We use any electronic communication method to communicate with our users/customers. Among the most popular modes, email is the most common and convenient means of interacting with them. When interacting with our users using emails, we can use the provided email IDs for all further references and communications.

Actions against Violation of Terms and Conditions

Violation of any terms and conditions from users’ end is strictly prohibited. If it found that you are involved in terms and conditions breach, then we have the right to undertake below strict actions against you :

  • Sending legal/formal notice
  • Perform/proceed court hearings
  • Banning you permanently from using our site
  • Blocking your IP address
  • Blocking and permanent removal of your user account from our site

Products and Services

All the products and services offered on this site have their conditions. In case you have any issues with the software, then we will not be responsible in any manner. You are advised to install anti-virus software on your system before downloading the software using Internet connection. You are downloading, installing and using the software at your own risk.

Copyrights and Trademarks

All the manuals and documents available on this site belong to us and copyrighted to Migrte2Office365. All rights reserved to Migrate2Office365, as per copyright laws. No further reproduction of manuals and documents is allowed without permission of Migrat2Office365. Any such attempt will call for strict legal action.