Migrate Zimbra to Office 365

Zimbra to O365 is a Direct Migration Tool for Batch Move, Migrate Zimbra to Office 365 Account


DEMO LIMITATION - Demo Version only migrates upto 25 files from Zimbra mailbox folder to Office 365.

Features - Zimbra to Office 365 Migration Tool

Zimbra to Office 365 Tool facilitates to import Zimbra Desktop mailbox folder to Office 365 accurately in seconds without popping up a single error. Zimbra Migration to Office 365 Tool is a remarkable technique that supports advance functionality and features to users for easy and accurate conversion.

instant zimbra move mail from one account to another

Instant Zimbra Desktop to O365 Cloud Migration

Zimbra to Office 365 Converter is an effective way for executing direct migration of Zimbra mailbox to Outlook Web App. After choosing Office 365 as a saving option, users only need to enter required O365 credentials and click Convert. Then the tool will automatically move entire TGZ to Office 365 account. Thus, it removes the need of uploading PST file through drive shipping or network uploading method.

zimbra desktop office 365 migration

Complete Zimbra Desktop Office 365 Migration

Zimbra mailbox contains complete email items, calendar, contacts and other information that includes briefcase, tasks, distribution list etc. of particular user account. Therefore, if a user has decided to migrate entire Zimbra mailbox folder, then it is also important that each folder should be precisely migrate to O365 cloud. Zimbra to Exchange Online app takes care of this functionality and effectively Zimbra move mail to Office 365 with briefcase, attachments, contacts, calendar to Outlook Web Access accurately.

zimbra mail migrate to exchange online

Batch Migrate Zimbra User Profile to Office 365

Zimbra to Office 365 Converter Tool is capable of moving unlimited Zimbra user mailbox folders to OWA at one time. And, in order to perform this process, keep all the extracted Zimbra TGZ files in a single folder and select Add Folder option to load file or folder with multiple TGZ files and move all of them to O365 account without data alteration.

zimbra mail move to office 365

Preview Zimbra Mail Content before Migration

Zimbra to Exchange Online Tool offers advance the functionality that helps in previewing loaded Zimbra mail file before executing the final process. By utilizing Preview window, users can analyse, verify their data and related formatting properties, and perform the process accordingly.

tgz folder extraction is not required

Zimbra TGZ Extraction is not required by Software

Zimbra to Exchange Online Migration Tool is a well-built solution and came into existence only after surveying all the user necessities. So, if you are using the application for Zimbra mail migrate to Exchange Online then there is no need to extract TGZ folder beforehand. Because once you select TGZ file to load on the software, it will automatically perform the extraction process and displays all the included items on the left software screen.

date filters option

Migrate Extracted Zimbra Folders to Office 365

Although, the software doesn’t need extraction of TGZ files for performing Zimbra to Office 365 migration, but if somehow you have extracted all ZImbra items from TGZ files and want to migrate into O365 then don’t worry. The software comes with Add Extracted Folders option and enables you to migrate extracted Zimbra folders to O365, with accurate details.

tgz folder extraction is not required

Utilize I am Admin & I am not Admin Option

Zimbra to Office 365 Tool has introduced the options of I am Admin and I am not Admin option to ease the user worries. By clicking I am Admin option, a user can perform batch Zimbra mailbox migration to Office 365 account. With the help of I am Admin option a user can add multiple user accounts and move Zimbra mailboxes to desired profiles in seconds at once. But make sure that the Admin account is Application Impersonated.

supports all windows editions

Support Multiple Cloud Saving Options

Zimbra TGZ to Office 365 Tool is proved one of the best and recommended migration utility to move Zimbra mailboxes to o365 account. Apart from this saving option, the tool also provide the flexibility to move Zimbra emails, contacts, calendar, briefcase and other items to Exchange Server, Gmail and G Suite. You only need to enter the login details of these account and the tool will then directly transfer Zimbra database to desired profile.

tgz folder extraction is not required

Migrate Zimbra Recurring Calendars

The Zimbra to Office 365 Converter is a smart utility that migrates emails, contacts, calendars, notes, briefcase and other items from Zimbra Desktop/ Webmail to O365 account. Besides that the software is also capable of migrating complete calendar data which includes recurring calendars, events, schedules, reminders, appointments etc. without any data loss or alteration.

date filters option

Save Migration Report in TXT

Once the Zimbra to Office 365 migration is completed, the software opens a new window showing the "Process completed successfully" message. As you click on OK button it automatically opens a Notepad window that contains complete migration report including Start Date and Time, Source file, No. of Items, No. of Items converted, Status etc. You can save this report in TXT file, for future use.

tgz to office 365

Zimbra TGZ to Office 365 without Zimbra App

Are you not having Zimbra on the machine but TGZ file and wants to move the same in O365 account? No worries, Zimbra to Exchange Online Tool will surely help you out, as it does not require support of any platform for Zimbra move mail from one account to another. Moreover, the tool supports all editions of Zimbra Desktop TGZ files.

maintain email file properties

Preserves Email File Properties during Conversion

During the entire Zimbra migration to Office 365 process, the application protects the exact details such as email components and folder structure. No data loss or corruption issues will be encountered after precise conversion. Zimbra to Office 365 assures the accurate transfer of Zimbra mails, calendars, briefcase, address book etc.

date filters option

Advance Filters Option to Migrate Selective Data

Zimbra to Office 365 Tool also offers Advance Filters that allows to migrate specific Zimbra mail file, calendar, contact, briefcase or any other data. Using From, To, Subject and Date Range filters, you can choose what data you want to export in Office 365 account from Zimbra Desktop. The option will prove helpful for those who wants to migrate only particular data from Zimbra TGZ folder to O365 webmail.

supports all windows editions

All editions of Windows OS are well-supported

The Zimbra Desktop Office 365 Migration Tool is totally a Windows (both 32bit and 64bit) supported migration application. It means, no matter if you are using Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista or any other edition as the tool can be installed and run on any Windows OS without any trouble.

Specifications - Zimbra to Office 365 Converter

Get to know all the requirements to fulfill before Mailbox Zimbra mail to Office 365 Migration

Download Zimbra to Microsoft 365 software


Demo of both the above products supports to migrate only 25 items per folder and saves them to Office 365 account

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
Minimum 100 MB space is required for installation

Around 2 GB of RAM is recommended

Intel® Pentium 1 GHz processor (x86,x64) or equivalent


  • Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and below.
  • Internet Connectivity for ditect export from Zimbra TGZ to Office 365
  • Valid Office 365 Account (Admin or user)

Supported Editions

  • Supported Plans: Office 365 Enterprise, Office 365 Business Premium, Exchange Online, Office 365 Business Essentials

Note : Admin account of Office 365 must be used for Admin Account Migration

Electronic Delivery

The delivery of the software is automated. You will receive an email with the download link and the product ativation details with in few minutes after the purchase.

Working Guide

There are lot of options available that can help in migrating Zimbra mailboxes to Office 365 account. But Outlook Web Access does have any option that will help to perform Zimbra mail migrate to Office 365. So, Zimbra to Office 365 Converter is the application that can directly and accurately export Zimbra TGZ to Office 365 environment.

Zimbra to Office 365 Software to Move Zimbra Mails, Contacts, Briefcase, Calendar to O365 -

Before executing the process of converting Zimbra mailbox to Office 365, firstly you need to extract TGZ file from Zimbra Desktop. After this, follow the steps to import Zimbra folder to Office 365 account –

Step 1 - Run Zimbra Email Client Application

Open Zimbra Email Client application on the system and navigate to Preferences tab -

open Zimbra app

Step 2 - Select Import/Export Option

Step 3 - Choose Data Types to Export

Step 4 - Save File and Click OK

Step 5 - Set Destination Path and Save File

Get Zimbra to Office 365 Software FREE DEMO Edition to Check & Analyse Software Working -

Download Zimbra TGZ to Office 365 freeware edition on the system and quickly check the process for migrating Zimbra emails, contacts, calendar, briefcase and other data items to Office 365 directly without data alteration: –

Step 1 - Download & Run the Software

Quickly, download and run the software on the system for Zimbra migrate mail to Office 365 -

launch Zimbra to O365

Step 2 - Add TGZ Files/Folder

Step 3 - Select & View Zimbra Email File

Step 4 - Click Export & Select Office 365

Step 5 - Click on Connect to Start the Process

Step 6 - Zimbra Mail to Office 365 Migration Completed

Some Related FAQs About Zimbra to Office 365 Converter

We have a wide range of Clients already using our Migrate to Office 365 Solutions

Yes, no need to worry. Follow the steps carefully, and you will be able to directly migrate unlimited Zimbra mailboxes to Office 365 account:

  1. Download, install and run Zimbra TGZ to Office 365 Tool on any Windows OS machine.
  2. Go to Add File(s) >> Hit Add File or Add Folder or Add Extracted Folder button to load TGZ files/Folder accordingly.
  3. Software start scanning the selected Zimbra TGZ file and displays the all data items with checkboxes on the left screen of the tool.
  4. Select the checkboxes of required data types for select Zimbra mailbox conversion.
  5. Now, click on the folder to view the data of desired files in Preview window before starting Export process.
  6. Navigate to Export button, a window will appear. Choose Office 365 from list of saving option and click Next.
  7. Select I am Admin option if you carry Office 365 administrator account. Leave the option unchecked, if you have single O365 user account.
  8. Apply required filters like To, From, Subject, Date Range and software will then move only those files that falls under that period.
  9. Hit Connect to start Zimbra to Office 365 migration process.
  10. Once the process is finished, a message will appear on the screen "Conversion Done Successfully".

Yes, with the help of Zimbra Desktop Office 365 Migration Tool you can import unlimited Zimbra mails, contacts, briefcase, calendar or any other folder files to Outlook Web Access in seconds without data loss.

No, Zimbra to Exchange Online Migration Tool works only on Windows platform. If you try to download and run the application on Mac, then software will show an error and will not be able to continue the process.

Yes, you can migrate unlimited Zimbra briefcase folder files to Office 365 Cloud account at one time in an accurate manner.

At first, download Zimbra Migration to Office 365 Tool and first select PST as a saving option to migrate Zimbra user profile folder. After this, make use of Office 365 Restore Tool and import the resultant PST file to O365 account in precise and effective way.

Yes, the software is designed in such a way that it is capable of migrating Zimbra calendars to Office 365 account alongwith recurring calendar events, reminders, schedules, appointments etc.

Purchase Zimbra to Office 365 Bundle

Buy registered license of Zimbra Mail to Office 365 Converter and Migrate TGZ to office 365 with full featured option and with no limitation.

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Recommended: Please try our demo before buying the full version of the software.


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